How to keep looking and feeling young

Do you want to defy age? Here’s what you can do to keep looking fresh and young. They say age is only a number. And it is true to quite an extent. But still there are few things you can do too defy age and look fresh and young. Think positive Your mental state reflects in your overall appearance. So keep positive thoughts rolling. Negativity can make you feel dull and can make you age faster. Meditate Even if you manage to sit with your mind open to meditation for a 5 minutes it can help you immensely. Meditation not … Click here to continue…..

Many benefits of walking

As much as walking helps you to shed those extra kilos, it also tones your body and shapes you well. Says fitness professional Althea Shah, “If you are looking out for an exercise that will shape your body, especially the lower half, there is nothing better than walking.” Good for beginners If you are new to the world of exercising, walking is the best form. You will not feel the pain of working out, yet lose weight. But do not expect a drastic weight-loss, because walking doesn’t ensure you that. Improves muscle endurance Walking is good for your muscles especially … Click here to continue…..

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga provides us with a variety of benefits and one is never too young or too old to reap the health benefits of Yoga. The remarkable thing about Yoga is that its positive effects on the health and mind are visible over time. It is a medication without the actual use of medicines. Moreover, no visible side effects are associated with the practice of Yoga on a regular basis. All you need to know is the most appropriate exercises meant for the structure of your body. But one also needs to know the right way of performing the asanas, because … Click here to continue…..

History of Yoga

In modern times, Yoga is heading in a direction that concerns a great many people who honour and respect this age-old tradition. The history of Yoga spans from four to eight thousand years ago to the current day. The physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of yoga are vast and there is something for everyone. So, here is a quick look at the history of Yoga which will help us appreciate its rich tradition. The origin of Yoga can be traced as long as 5000 years back. Although it is said to be as old as civilization, there is no … Click here to continue…..