Simple steps to prevent premature ageing

Thanks to daily stressful lives, sun-damage, lack of proper nutrition and indulging excessively in processed and fast food, our skin, the largest organ in our body, is slowly giving up. Women in their late 20s and early 30s are already beginning to show signs of ageing. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent it… Eat the correct foods Cells in your body and skin regenerate daily — however, without healthy food that is not possible. Eat fresh and non-processed food to encourage your skin to renew itself. Similarly, you skin also needs water to replenish itself. Drinking … Click here to continue…..

Foods You Must Avoid During Pregnancy…….

During pregnancy it is advisable to eat natural foods, but there are certain food groups you should avoid. Avoid Seafood In Pregnancy : Seafood is a great source for Omega 3 which is beneficial for the baby. But you must avoid seafood with high mercury that can damage the baby’s brain. Avoid shark, king mackerel, crabs, prawns and salmon – seafood contains mercury. Avoid Undercooked Food In Pregnancy : It is important to avoid the consumption of raw and undercooked food. These foods may contain bacteria and viruses which can affect the mother and baby. Consume well cooked food and properly … Click here to continue…..

Woman Make Up Tips

Woman always wants to look beautiful and young. But, ageing is a natural process that cannot be stalled. However, makeup is something that can definitely conceal a few years from your face. It is just that you need to know some simple tricks, best suited for your age. Proper skin care is essential Before we come to makeup, there are some simple skin care tips that women of every age group should follow. Natural beauty comes from within and not from makeup. Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from exposure to harmful sun rays. It is also important to … Click here to continue…..

Special Instruction for Women

What should a woman do if she finds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she prepares to enter a lift in a high-rise apartment late at night? Experts Say: Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13th floor, press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attack you in a lift that stops on every floor. What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house, run into the kitchen. Experts Say: You alone know where the chili powder and turmeric are kept.And … Click here to continue…..