How to keep looking and feeling young

Do you want to defy age? Here’s what you can do to keep looking fresh and young. They say age is only a number. And it is true to quite an extent. But still there are few things you can do too defy age and look fresh and young. Think positive Your mental state reflects in your overall appearance. So keep positive thoughts rolling. Negativity can make you feel dull and can make you age faster. Meditate Even if you manage to sit with your mind open to meditation for a 5 minutes it can help you immensely. Meditation not … Click here to continue…..

Staying Healthy in Office

How to stay healthy even if you are staring at the screen 10 hours a day Staring at the screen all day and a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle can have many problems. Here’s how to stay healthy at work. Avoid snacking in between meals. If you must, just snack on fruits or low fat yogurt instead. Take short walks and breaks in between to stretch you muscles. There are a lot of good office exercises you can do, sitting on your office chair, without looking like a maniac. Take the stairs, every time and everywhere you go. Forget the elevator … Click here to continue…..

6 Steps to a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is considered the window to a healthy life. Here are six simple things to keep your heart healthy and pumping… Take time out to exercise every day for at least 60 minutes. “If you are too busy, divide your workouts into small sessions. You can spend about 20 minutes walking in the morning and indulge in some stretches later in the evening,” says Vrusha Mehra, a fitness expert, “You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym. Even if you are sweeping or spring cleaning, you are keeping your heart active.” Healthy diet is a must if you … Click here to continue…..

7 home remedies to curb cold and cough

With the change in weather, viral cough and cold are common ailments that kids suffer from. Try some of these remedies to treat the ailment and boost your kid’s immunity: Steam: If your little one suffers from cold and has trouble breathing, get him/her to take steam. Make the kid stand in the bathroom with hot water running or simply heat water in a wide bowl and make the kid inhale the hot fumes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Adding eucalyptus oil can also help soothe your child’s system. Honey: Known for its soothing effect, dip your finger … Click here to continue…..

Why Monsoon is the Best season for Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a natural science inspired from the ancient traditional knowledge. It is an oldest system of medicine which was originated in India. Balancing the functions of entire body is necessary in order to stay healthy. This can be rightly done by application of Ayurvedic therapies. Particularly, when Kerala Ayurveda treatment is spoken about, it can be mentioned that the availability of number of Ayurveda resorts in Kerala has made a prominence in India. Kerala has been recognized as the chief source of origination of Ayurveda. In addition to Kerala, Rishikesh has multiple Ayurvedic centres where the therapies are applied … Click here to continue…..

Use heat to cure

Everyone has heard about how good a sauna feels, and of the relaxing effect of a steam bath which bathes you in hot vapor. But there are other heat treatments which are equally beneficial. Heat relaxes the muscles and ligaments. When applied locally, for example, with hot towels, it can ease muscle spasms. It can also reduce arthritic pain. Heat dilates the blood vessels, which in turn activates circulation. Applied to a wound, it can prevent infection by helping white blood corpuscles and fresh oxygen surround the area more quickly.

Stop catching colds

As much as possible, avoid coming into close contact with infected persons, especially if they cough or sneeze. A person with a cold is extremely contagious: he or she fills the air with fine particles of saliva or mucous which transport the virus microbe. Even if the person is careful to wipe his nose with tissue or a handkerchief, the microbes will be transported to his hands. And studies have shown that these viruses are transmitted through hand contact. So if you have to shake hands with someone who has a cold, you would better wash soon after! What can … Click here to continue…..

Reducing your cholesterol

To reduce cholesterol: First cut down on saturated fats. To do this: Eat lean meat. Select lean cuts and ask your butcher to cut off the fat. Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Do the same for all dairy products. Note that vegetarians have a much lower cholesterol level (almost twice as low as average) which is perfectly understandable, since cholesterol is only found in products derived from animals. Alcohol – in moderation. Not more than two glasses a day. However, it does appear that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol raises the number of HDL lipids (the good … Click here to continue…..