Customer Service Skills

Customer service is not just a series of steps that you complete. It is an attitude and a way of looking at customers that enables you to provide the best level of service that you and your organization are capable of providing. Don’t underestimate the power of customer service when it comes to making sales and keeping customers – many customers are willing to pay a higher price or go without certain features if they know that they have access to excellent customer service people who will be responsive and effective whenever they are needed. Customer service is an attitude … Click here to continue…..

Persuasion Skills

In today’s competitive marketplaces, customers have a choice in where they will take their business. Persuasion skills are the tools that you can use to encourage the customer to choose your product or service over the competition. The most important skill in persuasion is understanding the point of view of your customers and providing information on the benefits of your offer. As salespeople, we tend to focus on the features of our offering, when what we truly need is to focus on how the customer will benefit from our product or service. Let’s imagine that we sell alarm clocks – … Click here to continue…..

Self-Motivation Skills

As a salesperson, you have to be able to motivate yourself. There will be those times that you don’t want to take the next step in the sales process, or to make that phone call to the next customer. But you’ll need to know how to work through those feelings and take the steps that your customers need – and that will help you be successful in your job. Motivation requires a goal to strive for. You can get as creative as you want in the goals that you set for yourself, as long as they will help you to … Click here to continue…..

Organization Skills

If you are going to be a success as a salesperson, you have to be well-organized. You’ll have information on your own products and services to keep track of, information on your customers and their businesses, information on prospects that might become customers, and any other information that your organization might provide. Plus, you’ll have information relevant to the job itself. You’ll have to keep track of any sales you make if you are paid by commission or quota. You will have information on internal promotions and procedures, as well as information on how to use any data, tools, or … Click here to continue…..

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are more than just communication skills. They are the ‘people skills’ that seem to come to some of us so naturally, while other of us may struggle with them. Interpersonal skills will help you to work with your customers and build rapport with them, but it will also help you to advocate for your customer with your colleagues across your organization. Interpersonal skills also help you to build the type of long-term relationships that are important in maintaining customers over time. Interpersonal skills are the ‘people skills’ that help you to work with and build rapport with customers, … Click here to continue…..

Problem Solving Skills

The salesperson of today is a problem-solver who works in conjunction with the customer to identify any issues that the customer has and then uses that information to offer solutions to the customer’s problems or situations. The tricky part of this situation is ensuring that the problem that the customer is attempting to solve is the actual problem that exists. For example, a customer might come to you saying that they need a specific type of software. You could just sell the customer the software and that would be the end of it. Or instead, you could ask the customer … Click here to continue…..

Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills – in addition to listening, you must be able to respond well, whether in person, over the phone, or in writing. You must be able to offer solutions to the customer’s problems if the customer is ever going to buy from you or your company. Communication skills are the tools that we use to remove the barriers to effective communication. Imagine you are on one side of a wall and the person you want to communicate with is on the other side of the wall. But there’s more than the wall in the way. The wall is … Click here to continue…..

Listening Skills

As we’ve learned, a successful sales relationship today involves the seller being able to help the buyer identify his or his organization’s true needs. The seller helps this process by being able to listen to and understand what the buyer is telling him. Studies have shown that most listeners retain less than 50% of what they hear. Good listeners are rare these days. Studies have shown that most listeners retain less than 50% of what they hear. Imagine what that means when it comes to a conversation that you might have with your boss, a colleague, or a customer. If … Click here to continue…..