What Is a Q Statement?

A Q statement is a sentence (or group of sentences) that expresses a numerical measurement of some action or accomplishment you have performed. It is quantitative. A Q statement is not vague; it’s exact. For example, rather than saying you “increased productivity,” using a Q statement, you would say that you “increased productivity by 25 percent.” Why quantify a skill? Let’s take a look at the following statements and see which of them bears the most weight and leaves the longest-lasting impression: STATEMENT A: I am a good communicator. STATEMENT B: I have lectured to more than 12,000 people worldwide on the topic of personal financial planning, … Click here to continue…..

Most Common Interview Fears

The 11 most common fears that people have voiced to me about interviewing are contained in the following checklist. I fear they will ask me a question I don’t know the answer to. I’m afraid I’ll sound like I’m bragging. Do I have to say I was fired from my last job? Can they find out? Everyone says I am under/overqualified. What should I do? Do I have to submit to drug testing, credit checks, or personality tests? What should I do if an interviewer asks me an intrusive or illegal question? I don’t know what to do with my hands during an interview. … Click here to continue…..

If we offer you a position and you accept it, how soon thereafter can you begin to work?

After giving my current employer two weeks’ notice. As long as I know what’s expected of me, there’s no reason I can’t plunge right into the new job. Procrastinating has a way of draining energy, which I could channel into my new job. I have the enthusiasm and energy to get started. I’d also enjoy meeting the people I’ll be working with so we can develop a positive working relationship right away. Some people like to take a vacation between jobs, but a vacation should be earned. I might have earned a vacation on my last job, but I intend to … Click here to continue…..

How much thought have you given to your future?

I think about my future on a regular basis, but in a practical way, rather than just wishing. I consider my at-tributes—my abilities, skills, and experience. Then I determine how I can combine them into an action plan. Occasionally, I update my plans in response to new information and opportunities. But I don’t let them interfere with giving all I’ve got in the present. You don’t improve the future by wasting time in the present. You get to it by making every day count.

When do you expect a promotion?

I would like my career to continue progressing as well as it has in the past. But I’m a realist. I know promotions aren’t given, they’re earned. When I’ve mastered my present position, have improved it with my ideas, have prepared myself to take on new responsibilities, and have trained someone to take over my job, I’ll be ready for a promotion.

What kind of business would you like to own?

I wouldn’t like to own a business right now. I’m committed to my career, and that means working in another organization and helping it meet its goals. I have considered what business might be interesting to own after I’ve accomplished all I can in this industry and have retired. It would probably be something related to my outside interests, such as _______________ ___________________________________________________.

Would you like to have your (current/previous) boss’s job?

Yes. I think a major part of any good employee’s job is to contribute to the department’s work and efforts in a way that reflects on the department manager’s skills and abilities. When that happens, the manager often is targeted for promotion. Helping my boss get promoted might result in my being considered for his or her job. In that sense, I guess you could say I’m interested in my boss’s job. For companies to grow and improve, the people who work there must grow and improve. Promotion and advancement within the ranks are signs that a company provides opportunities … Click here to continue…..

Did you want to be president of your (current/previous) company?

Yes. Whenever I think about my goals and plan how I will achieve them, I aim high. However, I’m also a realist and know there can be only one president. Being president of my (current/previous) company would have given me the opportunity to carry out plans and ideas for improving and enhancing the company, its operations, and its products. But wherever I’ve worked, whatever the scope of my position, I’ve done that to some extent.