Cashless claim settlement process

Every health insurance company offering cashless insurance has a tie up with a number of hospitals which fall under their PPN (Preferred Provider Network). Cashless facilities can be availed at any hospital falling in the PPN of your insurance company. To avail these services, the insured is required to fill a form furnishing the details required by the hospitals. This form is shared with TPAs, who depending on the terms of policy, would share the limit of expenses covered under the policy and accordingly issue an authorization or denial letter to the hospital. Denial often happens where the required details … Click here to continue…..

Benefits of cashless health insurance

Here are the three reasons why cashless health insurance should be adopted by every family: Reduces tension in face of medical emergencies – In case of an emergency, the insured is not required to make any major payments towards hospitalization from his pocket. As a result of tie-ups with hospitals, insurance companies offer negotiated rates for various treatments which in turn help the insured to save on the sum insured under the health insurance policy. Hassle free process- Not only does the cashless facility provide you with financial relief, it also enables smooth functioning in terms of documentation, since all … Click here to continue…..

What are the benefits of getting Insurance?

Think of the insurance as a tool to manage your financial risks in the future. We are living in an age where providing for your loved ones, even if you are not around, has become possible and so easy by just buying an insurance policy. In fact, ask yourself that do your old parents, spouse, children or younger siblings depend on your income? If the answer is yes, then you certainly need insurance, as simple as that. For your further peace of mind, here are some more points which you can go through to ascertain that there is more to … Click here to continue…..

Who should buy Zero Depreciation Cover?

If your car is brand new, a zero depreciation rider is a worthwhile investment. Many opine that zero depreciation works only for new drivers because they are more likely to dent or damage their car. However, even the most careful drivers are involved in accidents, often because the other guy was careless. Hence, zero depreciation is a good buy for any car owner provided the extra premium does not pinch.

Is Zero Depreciation Cover Worth It?

Clearly, the zero depreciation rider has its advantages over standard coverage. But every good thing has its costs. To begin with, a policy that offers zero depreciation will cost more close to 20 percent more than your standard no-frills policy. This means that you are paying a substantially higher premium to ensure not having to chip in during claim settlement in the future. In other words, you are already paying towards those future costs. To customers seeking affordable insurance, this could be a deal breaker. On the other hand, the prospect of zero depreciation will attract customers who do not mind the … Click here to continue…..

How Zero Depreciation Cover different from Standard Comprehensive Cover?

The most obvious difference is that a zero depreciation cover promises full settlement coverage; depreciation will not make a dent here. On the other hand, standard comprehensive cover i.e a plan that does not offer zero depreciation will make estimations based on the ‘current value’ of your vehicle. ‘Current value’ factors in the depreciation on your vehicle. Consequently, if your car is involved in an accident, your standard policy will foot the bill after subtracting for depreciation whereas the policy with zero depreciation will foot the bill regardless of the current value of your car.

Should we buy Life Insurance if we are single

There is a perception among some people that if you are single you do not need life insurance. On the face of it, the logic seems to make sense. Since single people do not have spouse and children to provide for in the event of an untimely death, life insurance seems to be an unnecessary expenditure. However, there are several reasons why single people should also buy life insurance. While single people do not have spouse and children to take care of, there may be other family members who may be financially impacted by an unfortunate death. The question is … Click here to continue…..