10 golden rules for weight loss

If 2012 is the year you plan to shed those extra kilos, then it’s time to take a look at the 10 golden rules for weight loss – 10 rules that mark the foundation of how you can lose weight the healthy way. We’re not talking about crash diets or over-exercising, but we are talking about clever planning and understanding your body and mind. Let’s begin! #1: Be proactive about diet selection. Nothing fades faster than a weight loss crash diet. Day one will see you fantasizing about fatty foods, and day two will have you queuing up at the … Click here to continue…..

6 ways to get rid of fats in thighs

It shows in women quite easily and the causes of cellulite vary from a poor diet to fad dieting, slow metabolism to hormonal changes and even thickness and colour of the skin. It starts getting accumulated in girls in their teens mostly and is simply old-fashioned fat. It just looks different because of how it’s arranged. The hardest part of the story is to get rid of it. There are many products and treatments that promise to get rid of cellulite on thighs and buttocks. But there is little evidence that shows that many of them work well or for … Click here to continue…..

Workout for Sexy Lower Body

Here are some of the sure shot exercises that will help you tone your lower body. Uphill Walking or Running Walking and running are not only good for the lower body, but also for your heart, lungs, and bones. These cardio exercises also trim fat from your legs and butt. Add the intensity of an uphill climb with gravity pulling against you, and you will see the results dramatically. If you’re not ready for the uphill challenges, walking or running on a flat surface also strengthens lower body muscles. However, the more intense the workout, the faster you get results. … Click here to continue…..

Three moves that will give you a tight tummy

In search of a foolproof method to tighten your abs? Learn the right moves. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has shared details of moves that can help you in getting a tight tummy: Lower ab leg tuck and split: Lie on your back with hands behind your head for support. Lift the shoulders up off the floor and curve the upper back into a crunch. Remember to engage your abs and keep your stomach flat. Extend your legs straight out on the floor with feet together. Lift the right leg up by bending at the knee and tucking it into your … Click here to continue…..

Why we can’t burn enough fat

Trying your best to burn all that extra fat but but not quite achieving your target? Here are some tips that will give your metabolism a boost and increase lean muscle mass… Protein’s the way to go: Are you getting enough protein? If you want to increase lean muscle in the body, you need to ensure that you eat enough protein. Tuna is an excellent source of protein as is yogurt, chicken breast, cheese, nuts and lentils. Take strength training seriously: Many people often think that strength training isn’t important enough when it comes to burning fat but they’re mistaken. … Click here to continue…..

Reducing your cholesterol

To reduce cholesterol: First cut down on saturated fats. To do this: Eat lean meat. Select lean cuts and ask your butcher to cut off the fat. Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Do the same for all dairy products. Note that vegetarians have a much lower cholesterol level (almost twice as low as average) which is perfectly understandable, since cholesterol is only found in products derived from animals. Alcohol – in moderation. Not more than two glasses a day. However, it does appear that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol raises the number of HDL lipids (the good … Click here to continue…..

Losing weight : The Pakistani method

Pakistani women have an amazing trick they use to stay slim : They keep a string permanently tied around their forearms. According to Dr. Drupas, a gentle but constant pressure on the nerves in the forearm stimulates certain glands, particularly those involved in weight control (thyroid, suprarenals). Why don’t you try it? Find two ordinary rubber bands and place them around your right forearm, one third of the way up between your wrist and elbow. The rubber bands should exert noticeable pressure without cutting off blood circulation and should not slip or slide when you move your arm. This is not … Click here to continue…..

Foods that can help you lose weight

Losing weight is not just about reducing food intake and cutting things out of your diet. There are a few food stuffs you can add to your diet which can help with and potentially speed up weight loss. Grapefruit : We’ve all heard of the grapefruit diet but you don’t have to live on a diet of grapefruit alone to lose weight. It’s been found that that eating half a grapefruit before each meal or drinking a serving of the juice three times a day can help you drop the pounds. The magic ingredient is the fruit’s phytochemicals and their effect … Click here to continue…..