Secrets to make much more money

For every newly minted billionaire, there are cautionary tales of the well-heeled undone by visits from the tax man, the loan officer and Uncle Sam himself. A fortune requires finesse. As well as a willingness to embrace financial exotica, trips to Bermuda and the drive to start your own business–as a survey of FORBES’ knowledge of the world’s wealthiest people reveals. Below are seven tricks, secrets and maneuvers regularly conducted by those with more than a shekel or two to accumulate and maintain their fortunes. Cash flow is important. Buy MLPs, sell the steak house : Where does Brad Pitt … Click here to continue…..

Benefits of Recurring Deposit (RD) scheme

The Recurring Deposit scheme, like all other investment avenues, comes with its own set of benefits and they are: In recurring deposit, you invest a fixed amount every month. It is very similar to paying the EMI. You can start with less amount. In many banks you can start it with monthly investment of as low as Rs. 100/-. You can go for a recurring deposit option for a fixed tenure. In most of the banks, you may choose maturity period ranging from 6 months to 10 years. Rate of interest in a recurring deposit is fixed. It remains the … Click here to continue…..

Recurring Deposits (RD) in Banks

Recurring Deposits are a special kind of Term Deposits offered by banks in India which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits. It is similar to making FDs of a certain amount in monthly installments, for example Rs 1000 every month. This deposit matures on a specific date in the future along with all the deposits made every month. Thus, Recurring Deposit schemes allow customers with an opportunity to build up their savings through regular monthly deposits of fixed sum … Click here to continue…..

How to take an Education Loan from a bank

Education Loans are given by banks and other specialised financial institutions to deserving students for completing their graduation and post- graduation studies. Loans are given for studies in India as well as abroad. In India, not all banks offer education loans. Some banks offer personal loans for education purposes. If you wish to take a loan to fund your child’s education, it is better to go for an education loan to get the benefit of certain special features pertinent to education loans, which do not apply to personal loans. Education loans are offered by banks generally in the following slabs: … Click here to continue…..