How to choose better Anti-Virus Software

If you ever meet someone who has purchased an anti-virus and not downloaded a pirated version of it, most likely, you are hallucinating because such people don’t exist, and this, when anti-virus is one of the most crucial computer tools.Genius buys it like: Does my system have the RAM and processor required to run the anti-virus? Is the software itself compatible with my system? Will I be able to erase the data if the system gets stolen and click pictures of the thief when he uses my system? Does it have bootable rescue? Will the anti-virus be able to defend … Click here to continue…..

How to choose better Power Bank

Mobile makers have over committed and under-delivered on battery back-up, which is why power banks have become the new fad.Genius buys it like: I don’t subscribe to the `I’ll buy anything that’s cheap and Chinese’ school of thought because I want more than just the basics. My power bank should charge multiple devices simultaneously, not waste energy while charging the plugged-in device, and quickly charge itself and the devices. Then, it should automatically turn itself off when idle, should be certified for safety by safety certifications like EEE, 6 Way Circuit Protection or any other popular safety standard agency. Techxpert: … Click here to continue…..